Saturday, June 20, 2009

Kerala Medical Travel Tips

With a gradual increase in the influx of medical tourists to Kerala, it is imperative to have some travel tips available for medical tourism in Kerala. These tips traveling tips for medical tourism will be useful in your trips. Do a search on the appropriate hospital and the hospital of choice according to their needs. Make sure you get the best quality medical care available at a price. Consult fully on the hospital which includes its reputation, facilities, technology, procedures of treatments offered and the specialists of the hospital. Have a prior appointment with the doctors and keep doctors informed about everything. Check out the weather before starting your trip to the doctor Kerala. Keep all medical documents in the proper order as the roles of its history, previous doctor 's prescription of (possibly) record of health, etc. of X rays. You should always have the information about the embassy of the destination, their friends and relatives (if any) in the city of destination. Come prepared to stay and have treatment for a longer length or shorter time. Consult on medical tourism packages, special course of business health or discounts. It is advisable to buy some local currency at the time of arrival so that you have the hard cash for some further continuations. Keep photocopies of your documents relating to the current visa and passport. The medical tourism vacation general form is somewhat different as a little more caution and preparation gives you a happy experience in their medical trips.

Ooty Tours

Ooty is the capital town of the district of nilgiri. I would say that the climate in ooty is pleasant and is a great place for leisure tours. There are many places you can tour, such as the Botanical Gardens, Lamb's rock and Dodabetta Peak, Ooty Lake, Kodanadu's View Point, and also weekend trips like: Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Kotagiri, Kalhatty Waterfalls, Dolphin's Nose, Avalanche, Coonnoor, on tours to Ooty India.

Some of the tourist attractions of Ooty are Ooty Lake which was was built for providing an irrigation tank to the people of this region, Botanical Garden situated on the lower slopes of the Dodabetta peak and Kalhatty Falls which is located about 113 kilometers away from ooty.

Ooty is on the narrow gauge railway, connected to Mettupalayam (47 km), which is directly connected to Coimbatore and Chennai. The famous toy train connects Ooty with Mettupalayam and Coonoor. A good network of roads and national highways connect Ooty with all major towns and cities. There are regular bus services to and from Coimbatore, Trichy, Bangalore, Madurai, Kanyakumari, Mysore, Palghat, Calicut, Tirupati and other important destinations in South India. Ooty is also well connected with major cities of Kerala and Karnataka. Coimbatore, 105 km from Ooty, is the nearest airport.

You can opt for an ooty tour to enjoy this beautiful destination of charming hills and pleasant climate. I think it is during summer vacation most people are visiting this place. Ooty is also a honeymooners paradise in south India.

Health Tourism in Kerala

Kerala, the "God's own country" is ornamental with emerald backwaters, serene beaches and lush green coconut groves. Each year 1000's of travelers from around the world visit here to explore the tranquil beauty of kerala. Recently Kerala, the south Indian state has attained a pride of place in the field of medicine. For many years kerala has been offering ayurvedic treatments and now a days medical tourism is added as another facet of Kerala's tourism industry. With a medical tourism package a medical tourist will get a product where apart from travel package, he / she will be provided medical treatment at the best hospitals. The medical treatment for various ailments are packaged with leisure packages at the best tourist resorts.

Kerala state tourism department, in collaboration with the various tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers and with the people who are in the medical field is trying to develop kerala as a world class destination for medical tourism.
Presently, kerala tourism is marketing several Ayurveda & health packages and has got tremendous potential to boom in the medical tourism arena. Kerala is famous across the globe for its alternative medical therapies such as Ayurveda. In all the 14 district of kerala one can find quality ayurveda centers. Ayurveda is an ancient form of treatment which enables the patient to rejuvenate and revitalize the mind, body and soul and it has abundant of well trained people who deals in this special form of treatment.

Besides Ayurveda, Kerala has got experienced allopathic medical professionals and well equipped hospitals that offer treatments of western standards at an affordable price. Recent years has witnessed that patients of western countries has started choosing Kerala as a destination for treatment of various diseases due to high quality services and lower treatment costs.

Kerala is well connected to several Middle East European and Southeast countries by air. Even it has good number of hospitals and renowned specialized doctors in most of the disciplines. Moreover the above said features, the wonderful climate in kerala and the ability of natives to speak English helps Kerala to be the most sought after destination for medical treatment in the entire nation. Patients from around the globe settled for Kerala as because the charges of major surgical procedures like cardiac surgery, dentistry, and cosmetic surgery is very low in compare to develop western countries. Even in Kerala, patients get the countries. The medical professionals of Kerala provides good pre and post-operative care to their patients so that they can have a positive experience. After medical treatments the medical tourists can spend time in high quality resorts or houseboats in kerala.